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alaska aerial imagery KEY WORDS aerial photographic survey, nesting colonies, Pacific black brant, Yukon-Kuskokim Delta Zoom Earth shows new NASA satellite images every day. St. Use of Aerial Imagery . This is the first statewide, high-resolution orthoimage of Alaska at a map scale of 1:24,000. io enables on-demand aerial imagery by connecting businesses to commercially licensed pilots. Build a custom map that displays state land ownership, land-use classifications, disposals, leases and other information. Download aerial alaska stock photos. 5 million frames of photographic images are available for download as medium and high resolution digital products. This imagery was acquired by the NOAA Remote Sensing Division to support NOAA homeland security and emergency response requirements. Now imagine for a minute the work involved in flying helicopters low along that entire shoreline, collecting high-resolution imagery and detailed classifications of the coast's geologic features and intertidal biological communities. . parametric changes to five alpine glaciers . These pages provide a central location for finding maps, GIS data, and mobile web applications currently available throughout the ADF&G website. Imagery Refresh. Interactive Maps Alaska Mapper. In addition, it will be used for ongoing research efforts for testing and developing standards for airborne digital imagery. S. We are working to resolve this issue. Note: Imagery and loops on this site are intended for informational purposes only, they are not considered "operational". You are visiting Alaska Aerial Images, the showcase gallery for Alaska Aerial Technologies, hosted by PhotoShelter, Inc. The Office of Satellite and Product Operations (OSPO) is part of the National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service (NESDIS). 160 likes · 3 talking about this. Until Aerial-View Solutions, our Nigerian partner, offered an affordable solution. A living digital inventory of the surface of our planet, derived from over 5 billion square km of current and historical imagery and information to help understand your world. THE USE OF AERIAL IMAGERY TO MAP IN-STREAM PHYSICAL HABITAT RELATED TO SUMMER DISTRIBUTION OF JUVENILE SALMONIDS IN A of the University of Alaska Fairbanks . Alaska High Altitude Photography Program AHAP 0 results EPSCoR Web Mapping Service Advanced Filters Record Type. DIGITAL AERIAL SKETCH-MAPPING IN ALASKA: Products & Customers Aerial detection surveys, also known as aerial sketchmapping, is a remote sensing technique of observing forest change events from Aerial imagery and USGS mapping of preliminary facility locations Alaska LNG Project, Preliminary resource report. 15m 2002 City of Coquitlam Aerial Imagery Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada 0. Increase success as you layer BLM, forest service, private property and more over aerial imagery, and topographic basemaps, for the most accurate map on mobile device and desktop. Includes SPOT data collected for the Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative. Arctic Aerial harnesses cutting-edge technology to capture inspiring aerial imagery in a way that slashes costs and improves safety. Tape, John M. This includes declassified military satellite imagery, Landsat imagery, and aerial photography acquired in 1953, 1955, after the 1964 earthquake, and current aerial and satellite imagery. Meixell, Tom F. Air Force and obtained from the USGS EROS data center via the EarthExplorer website in 2013. Fly through 3D cities like London, Tokyo and Rome. Once zoomed in to a site, go to the Contents and click each layer to turn them on and off to view the best imagery for the area. Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping (IOCM) Product. Geological Survey Aerial views of Alaska reveal vistas of great mountains, rivers, and vast tundra regions that comprise an amazing landscape. These include black-and-white aerial photographs, color-infrared DOQs, Quickbird, and Worldview images for the period 1955–2014. Our web application allows you to quickly and easily search for any parcel of U. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. We are aerial specialists in video and photography; available for custom aerial productions or as a resource for aerial stock footage. An extensive selection of vertical aerial photography (aerial maps) and satellite imagery of Alaska is available from Aerial Archives, including and historical and current aerial photography and satellite imagery. Historic aerial photographs are available as glossy prints, or can also be easily provided in a variety of formats ready for use in GIS, CAD, or graphic design applications, making Creative Map Solutions your one-stop-shop for all of your imagery needs. Our experienced drone photographers will capture views of your project anywhere from the Aleutian Islands, Seward marinas, to the commercial centers of Anchorage and Wasilla. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Chad Nuttall and is located at 1110 E. Geographic Information Systems · (907) 714-2200 . -based imagery provider, has been collecting satellite imagery of the world in amazing detail. Aerial photography is not satellite imagery. Mapping the State of Alaska Since 1994 * Custom Aerial Photography * LIDAR * Photogrammetry Whether the project specifications call for large scale ortho photography, or detailed 1' contour mapping, Kodiak Mapping Inc can design aerial imagery projects at a wide range of flying heights and scales. Explore! Imagery analysis will prepare you to analyze, interpret, and communicate information ranging from full motion video to satellite imagery and present it at the executive level to officials in the government and civilian sector. Our collection includes original works created by our in-house art team, modern photography, home & office decor trends, antique maps, vintage posters, and everything in between. Google Earth Engine combines a multi-petabyte catalog of satellite imagery and geospatial datasets with planetary-scale analysis capabilities and makes it available for scientists, researchers, and developers to detect changes, map trends, and quantify differences on the Earth's surface. Query and order satellite images, aerial photographs, and cartographic products through the U. The MSB LiDAR & Imagery Project is a collection of high-resolution elevation data and aerial imagery for 3680 square miles of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough (MSB) as well as the development of a number of ancillary datasets. Appendix A Alaska LNG Project, Appendix A, Corridor sheets Alaskafoto - Best Aircraft Photography. This image is one of 5 frames of orthorectified aerial photography from approximately 1950 for the coastal and nearshore areas of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve (LACL) of southwestern Alaska. Google Earth for mobile enables you to explore the globe with a swipe of your finger. Artist Statement. We’re really excited about the possibilities and progression we have experienced in the aerial survey and mapping industry. Droners. Fondell, David D. Hidden Ranch Cir, Palmer, AK 99645. A primary goal of the NAIP program is to make digital ortho photography available to governmental agencies and the public within a year of acquisition. Meet Earth Engine. JAV Imagery is located in Anchorage, Alaska at Merrill Field Airport, and recently expanded into Utah, at St. Since 1999, DigitalGlobe, Inc. 1, General project description. A small plane flying low over remote forests is sending back eye-popping aerial photography—as well as scientific measurements that will improve understanding of how Alaska’s forests are responding to global warming. 82m, respectively. ShoreZone is an aerial imaging, habitat classification, and mapping system used to inventory alongshore and across-shore geomorphological and biological attributes of the coast. to aerial survey lines that intersect the sample areas. Ventus Geospatial leverages the latest in geomatics and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology and geomatics expertise to acquire seamless high-resolution aerial imagery, topographic information and gas concentrations over pipeline right-of-way. Hyperspatial Thermal Imaging of Surface Hydrothermal Features at Pilgrim Hot Springs, Alaska using a small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) University of Alaska Fairbanks. The National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP) was established in 1987 to coordinate aerial photography for the United States among Federal and State agencies. Lantern Press is a dynamic art company that specializes in the world's leading imagery. Go with traditional Yakutat County Plat Books or information heavy Yakutat County AK GIS County Data with related geographic features including latitude/longitude, government jurisdictions, roads, waterways, public lands and aerial imagery. , founded in 1994, has produced quality aerial mapping services throughout the entire State of Alaska. has announced the expansion of its freeFLY initiative into Dutch Harbor NOAA Semi-oblique Image Information Kivalina, June 1 2016 NOAA NGS Remote Sensing Division • Rapid collection (~20% of Alaska in <2 weeks) • Pre-event oblique imagery for Arctic coastlines 1 SUMMARY ShoreZone is a coastal habitat mapping and classification system in which georeferenced aerial imagery is collected specifically for the interpretation and Advanced Aerial Imagery, LLC is an Alaska Limited-Liability Company filed on October 8, 2015 . Air America Flight Center prides itself on succeeding at challenges previously regarded as impossible. Members of the public can get a full copy (or subset) on a disk from the Mat-Su Borough LiDAR and Orthoimagery Data Ordering Portal. Data Type Status. Unfortunately imagery for Alaska simply isn't available. Product Information for Alaska Quantum Spatial has pioneered technology and methodologies to map and monitor hundreds of miles of stream channel for the most comprehensive engineering and environmental database for modern sewer and water distribution planning. The National Map viewer allows free downloads of public domain, 1-meter resolution orthoimagery in JPEG 2000 (jp2) format for the conterminous United States. Ina harmonic convergence during the summer of 2000, I received a camera – a SonyMavica digital camera – as a gift, and I was hired to work on an excursion boatthat made daily trips from Juneau to Tracy Arm in Southeast Alaska. Aerial multi-spectral imagery was collected over the lagoon, bay, and harbor during the week of April 19, 2011. This dataset is comprised of a single aerial image of a single area on Alaska's Arctic Coastal Plain taken on 21 June 1955 by the U. acquired the aerial imagery from April 10-18, 2008, flying north-south to support the creation of digital orthophotography with a 15cm pixel (Boston Upgrade areas) and a 30cm pixel (entire Boston UA133 region). DEC Web Maps. Detecting Heavy Metals Using Satellite Imagery: From the Alaska North Slope to the Streets of Los Angeles October 12, 2016. Official MapQuest website, find driving directions, maps, live traffic updates and road conditions. The State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys is soliciting proposals for a qualified contractor to acquire high-resolution Digital Surface Model (DSM) and orthoimagery along an approximately 3,500 km coastal study area in the Norton Sound and Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region. Dive in to view the world at street level with integrated The Alaska Aerial Media team has years of experience in unmanned flight operations. Based in Palmer, KMI specializes in custom aerial photography, photogrammetry, and LIDAR mapping for both the public and private sector. Photographs selected to portray Alaska’s volcanoes, eruptive activity, and the range of volcanic phenomena observed there. land and instantly view that same area in any other year where we could obtain an aerial photo. Approximately 80% of the national imagery is less than three years old, and our new system allows us to keep the satellite imagery as updated as possible. The then-named U. The Geographic Information Network of Alaska (GINA) is the University of Alaska’s mechanism for organizing and sharing its geospatial data and technological capabilities among the Alaskan, arctic, and world communities. Platforms for aerial photography include fixed-wing aircraft , helicopters , unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or "drones"), balloons , blimps and dirigibles , rockets , pigeons , kites , parachutes , stand-alone telescoping and vehicle History of the Alaska Road Commission and related organizations: Alaska Railroad Commission, Bureau of Public Roads, and Department of Transportation, as well as documentation of selected road building projects in Alaska, circa 1952-1970s. Aerial videos and photographs taken in the Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire area, as well as in central New Hampshire and Alaska. 2414 DOT-RTR. We specialize in aerial photography such as, oblique imagery, orthogonal imagery, and specialized mapping. It will further the efforts of the North Slope Borough School District to implement the new Iñupiaq Learning Framework and will make aerial imagery of the North Slope intertidal zone and coast available to teachers and students. Satellite imagery, such as Landsat or Quickbird, is taken from a spacecraft orbiting the earth Aerial Photography and Imagery, Ortho-Corrected dataset current as of unknown. Kenai Peninsula Borough Alaska. Highly experienced and professional photographers, pilots, and photo processing experts. [ Back to Top ] 1 SUMMARY ShoreZone is a coastal habitat mapping and classification system in which georeferenced aerial imagery is collected specifically for the interpretation and Aerial imagery and topographical maps of the United States This NOAA site will no longer provide GOES-East imagery. Aerial imagery and data solutions enable local jurisdictions and federal agencies to enhance decision-making. Aerial photography (also called air photos) is remotely-sensed imagery taken from low-flying aircraft using sophisticated high resolution camera systems. Launched in late 1999, it is capable of acquiring multispectral and near-infrared panchromatic data at resolutions of 3. Government responsible for managing and coordinating overhead imagery and applications to support the operational needs of civil government in the United States (overhead capabilities refers to satellite and aerial sources of imagery data obtained by NDOP collection Latest satellite imagery for Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas, plus regional, national, and global images. This nadir imagery solution easily integrates into your GIS data for a comprehensive understanding of properties, land features, local topography, and more. Alaska Aerial Photography. Find satellite images and data, aerial photography, elevation and land cover datasets, digitized maps, and our Image Gallery collections. Earth Observatory Blogs Responding to Hurricane Florence with NASA Data NASA is working with FEMA and the National Guard to plan aerial flights to monitor flooding in North Carolina. , with Washington, Maine, and the Great Lakes only partially represented; Hawaii and portions of Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the U. For the past 10 years, the state of Alaska has used lower resolution satellite imagery (30-meter and 15-meter resolution) in addition to low altitude aerial photography to gather information about its forests. 2m and 0. Aerial Photography Flight over the Chugach Mountains of Alaska from Dan Bailey Photo on Vimeo. At night, the blue colors represent liquid water clouds such as fog and stratus, while gray to white indicate higher ice clouds, and the city lights come from a static database that was derived from the VIIRS Day Night Band. Survey & Mapping. of Community and Economic Development’s community aerial photography. 1 0 m 201 2 This image is one of 3 frames of orthorectified aerial photography from 1978 for the coastal and nearshore areas of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve (LACL) of southwestern Alaska. There are four different aerial imagery sources used in this map that are not enabled. xx15Z and xx45Z. The company's filing status is listed as Good Standing and its File Number is 10032629 . and/or accompanying children, and for the first time in the history of the survey, moose tracks were observed in the aerial imagery (at the Kokechik colony). whether it be to get an edge on the competition, unparalleled video documentation of your most cherished and vauled events such as weddings etc. Aerial photography for GIS mapping in ArcView, ArcMap, Erdas, MapInfo, AutoCAD, & Global Mapper. AMBER Alert - UAV 1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Search and Rescue: Augmentation with Crowdsourced Imagery and Radio Frequency Technologies April 22, 2016 Find Yakutat County Maps AK to get accurate Alaska Property and Parcel Map Boundary Data based on parcel ID or APN numbers. Infrared imagery is useful for determining clouds both at day and night. High resolution aerial imagery, clearer and higher quality than the best satellite maps. Thousands of images added daily. 10m 2012 Township of Langley Aerial Imagery Langley, British Columbia, Canada 0. These days, “aerial photography” usually means “shot with a drone. All of the imagery we collect is painstakingly orthorectified to provide the data in a searchable and precise geo-locatable format. There are a few low resolution patches of aerial photography available but nothing that we can use to create MegaScenery for Alaska. Alaska High Altitude Aerial Photography (AHAP) Program collection, which covers approximately 95% of the State of Alaska in 1:60,000 color infrared (CIR) and 1 This imagery was acquired by the NOAA Remote Sensing Division to support NOAA homeland security and emergency response requirements. Geologic Maps We produce digital geologic maps of the United States with consistent lithology, age, GIS database structure, and format. Using DigitalGlobe’s current and high-resolution imagery, they addressed long-standing mapping problems, including spotting encroachment and creating street guidesand township maps where they did not exist before. Imagery. This is exponentially better resolution than satellite and most other aerial imagery sources. Alaska Department of Natural Resources AK State Geo-Spatial Data Clearinghouse. Aerial Acquisition Fugro Earthdata, Inc. Mt. Zoom into near-live satellite images from NASA and Bing Maps. You are here: Library Home > Collections > Imagery Imagery This page provides links to the key non-commercial collections of satellite, aerial and ground-based imagery and video pertinent to NOAA Western Region activities. LYR : DEM - Alaska DOT Umiat (Foothills West, 2012) Aerial LiDAR dataset collected along proposed road to Umiat. The imagery web service is for viewing only and aerial imagery from county sources is not redistributed without authorization. gov and ScienceBase . In the meantime, you may download the applet and then run it by double-clicking the file. NESDIS is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the Department of Commerce. The following service endpoints provide access to the best imagery available over Alaska, which is a combination of aerial and satellite imagery. 51 contains changes that prevent starting SwathViewer from a web page. Display a larger image and more item information when the pointer pauses over a thumbnail Alaska Aerial Photography. Toby is a professional photographer and filmmaker based in both San Francisco & Anchorage, Alaska. NAPP photographs are used for such purposes as mapping, resource planning, engineering, land use planning, and agricultural monitoring. Flight lines are E/W or W/E, every 6' of latitude, for most of the state, but there are also some N/S and some at an angle in SE. You can harness the meta-information found within the geo-referenced orthomosaics to compute point clouds, volumetrics, NDVI, 3D digital surface and terrain models. MatSu Aerial Imagery This metadata is representative of all images included in all 6 tiles. The preferred source imagery for wetland mapping is spring, leaf-off aerial imagery, so that the image interpreter can see the ground through any tree cover. Elevation mapping Knowing the elevation of a coastal area is important for conservation, development, planning, and safety. 06 m true color aerial ortho-imagery collected in 2013 of Berners Bay and in 2014 of the east bank of the Lynn Canal-135. All you need is a photograph? Quantum Spatial has that, and much more! Quantum Spatial owns a rich historical archive of aerial imagery. Nearmap High Resolution imagery Our technology allows us to capture your chosen area at industry-leading resolutions of 7-10cm. 1 0 m 20 12 Township of Langley Aerial Imagery Langley, British Columbia, Canada 0. Timelapse is an example that illustrates the power of Earth Engine’s cloud-computing model, which enables users such as scientists, researchers, and journalists to detect changes, map trends, and quantify differences on the Earth's surface using Google’s computational infrastructure and the multi-petabyte Earth Engine data catalog. the applications for aerial imagery are endless. 672 58. These web mapping application features satellite imagery from the Ikonos satellite ©GeoEye and the QuickBird satellite ©DigitalGlobe. The dataset and data portal links which are available elsewhere have been removed from this page. Ratio type estimators will be developed to adjust estimates obtained from the MODIS imagery using estimates Mites said he looked all over for someone with aerial drone expertise, before finally finding the contact he needed in Alaska, Gregory W. Multi-temporal image analysis of very-high-resolution historical aerial and recent satellite imagery of the Ahnewetut Wetlands in Kobuk Valley National Park, Alaska, revealed the nature of thaw lake and polygonal terrain evolution over a 54-year period of record comprising two 27-year intervals (1951–1978, 1978–2005). Explore satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth in a simple, zoomable interface. Our collection of HD aerial stock footage of Alaska includes clips of Anchorage, Seward, Mat-Su Valley, Kenai Fjords National Park, dog sledding, glaciers, sea stacks, icebergs, cruise ships, adventure vacation spots and many other vistas around south-central Aerial Archives also delivers imagery from an extensive collection of historical satellite and aerial photography of Anchorage, Alaska and vicinity. This web site should not be used to support operational observation, forecasting, emergency, or disaster mitigation operations, either public or private. Aerial photography (or airborne imagery) is the taking of photographs from an aircraft or other flying object. Historic shoreline positions were determined by looking at aerial photographs and satellite imagery dating back to the 1950s. Equipment is becoming smaller while increasing speed and performance. Starts before. alaska aerial lidar applications Recent LiDAR technology is evolving in the same way that most other technology is. Alaska Aerial Technologies has been operating for more than four years and consists of a team of highly experienced and professional photographers, pilots, and photo processing experts. IMPORTANT: The following links for imagery are to servers maintained by the Satellite Services Division, a Division of the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS). Specifically, these data describe sea otter (Enhydra lutris) aerial survey observations from the waters around Katmai National Park and Preserve from surveys conducted in 2008, 2012, and 2015. Aerial LiDAR dataset, DEM, and orthophotos available. 4 million square km (540,000 square miles) of land were analyzed for some sort of change. 2011 Matsu LiDAR & Imagery. Alaska Statewide ortho-rectified Alaska High-Altitude Photography (AHAP) imagery mosaic In 2015 Alaska Satellite Facility reprocessed aerial imagery collected by the the AHAP program (1978-1986) to provide more reliable historical base imagery. com-- news and information about geology and Earth Science,including maps and aerial images of the U. Known for his aerial landscape and timelapse films. In 2015 Alaska Satellite Facility reprocessed aerial imagery collected by the the AHAP program (1978-1986) to provide more reliable historical base imagery. Aerial Photography/Satellite Imagery of the Kenai Peninsula Borough This project resulted in high-resolution satellite imagery and digital maps of the Kenai Peninsula Borough coastline up to 1,000 ft. utilizing landsat imagery, aerial photographs, and topographic maps for detecting area and length . com enables to explore Alaska through detailed satellite imagery — fast and easy as never before. Imagery Services; Alaska Mapper; State of Alaska Department of Natural Welcome to the Aerial Photography Field Office (APFO) APFO is home to one of the country's largest aerial film libraries. Himawari 8 is a replacement for MTSAT. For Alaska, 10-meter resolution SPOT imagery is provided for viewing. 5-meter SPOT 5 satellite imagery collected between 2009 and 2014. NEWS: The recently released Java version 7. This product suite contains imagery and related Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data to support multi-disciplinary research of environmental changes in the Barrow, Alaska area. The facility is part of the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. . It is made from 2. Habitat attributes are interpreted from oblique aerial imagery acquired during the lowest tides of the year. We provide a wide range of cutting edge platforms and sensors to produce a variety of final products. Ends Multi-temporal image analysis of very-high-resolution historical aerial and recent satellite imagery of the Ahnewetut Wetlands in Kobuk Valley National Park, Alaska, revealed the nature of thaw lake and In partnership with Alaska Sea Grant and Aleutian Aerial LLC, and with additional support from DJI, Oceans Unmanned Inc. Gustine, Alaska Enhanced Satellite This map displays the infrared band of light and show relative warmth of objects. The county imagery is mosaicked into this statewide mixed-resolution imagery web map service. 2011 MatSu LiDAR & Imagery. Alaska Satellite Image - View Cities, Rivers, Lakes & Environment This is a Landsat GeoCover 2000 satellite image map of Alaska. , a U. By combining our tools and expertise we are able to elevate the value of every project we are a part of to new heights. Imagery Services •The contract with GeoNorth will initially include only the SDMI SPOT datasets and the Dept. Aerial Imagery By the late 1800s, photography was recognized as a useful tool for mapping. Ortho-imagery is a photograph of the Earth's surface, aligned to real positions on the planet using elevation data so that actual distances, directions and areas can be measured. Historic maps originally published as paper documents in the period 1884-2006 are available as scanned images. Note: GeoNorth and the DNR are currently gathering the all the imagery currenlty available through the GINA BDL web service. 10m 2014 Aerial and satellite imagery and field data were used to tie changes in specific satellite metrics, like landscape greenness, to specific drivers like wildfires. Aerial Viewpoint specializes in aerial survey photography and related services, including digital ortho imagery. For more information visit the JMA satellite site. Aerial maps, updated more than the most recent satellite images. Using the Digital Shoreline Assessment Tool (DSAS), rates of shoreline change were calculated. Explore Aircraft - environmental portrait & Airplane - Portrait photographers. Alaska Orthoimagery/Elevation This project coordinates the acquisition of imagery (RADAR, LIDAR, CIR aerial photography, and digital satellite images) via contracts that will provide 5-meter DEM's and an ortho-rectified image base for Alaska. Coverage: Continental U. Welcome to GINA. The Columbia Glacier descends from an ice field 10,000 feet (3,050 meters) above sea level, down the flanks of the Chugach Mountains, and into a narrow inlet that leads into Prince William Sound in southeastern Alaska. Using the network, businesses get insight where they want it and when they need it-and in a safe and compliant way. Welcome to google maps Alaska locations list, welcome to the place where google maps sightseeing make sense! With comprehensive destination gazetteer, maplandia. elevation. This is reflected in every aspect of working with us. Elias, or Mount Saint Elias, in Alaska's Wrangell - St. Located on Ft. Government. Historic Aerial Photographs for Alaska Creative Map Solutions has access to millions of high-resolution, historic aerial photographs for the entire United States, including the State of Alaska. Fixed wing aerial imagery, year 2015 . gov brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Please try again later. During the day, the imagery looks approximately as it would appear when viewed with human eyes from space. But the views during shorter duration IceBridge missions over Alaska reveal some equally majestic icescapes, like this image of the Wrangell Mountains in eastern Alaska. Utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles, known as UAVs or “drones,” Arctic Aerial captures the images your project demands. The mission was timed to coincide with the breaching of the causeway. Alaska ShoreZone Coastal Mapping and Imagery Access millions of aerial photos of the coast in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. After capturing precise aerial imagery, we then use software to knit the photos into georectified orthomosaics. NASA. near skagway, alaska, 1948-2011 “By using Landsat 8 imagery, and classification tree analysis, which is an advanced artificial intelligence routine, we have been able to construct a reliable classification system to identify cheatgrass infestations that is accurate. Historical Map and Chart Project -- Office of the Coast Survey of NOAA: over 21,000 maps and charts ranging from the year 1655 to 2001. The images were acquired from a nominal altitude of 5,000 feet above ground level (AGL), using an Applanix Digital Sensor System (DSS). com) The Alaska Interagency Coordination Center (AICC) is the Geographic Area Coordination Center for Alaska. Coast and Geodetic Survey (C&GS) first used a surveying camera with a plane table for mapping the international boundary between Alaska and Canada in 1894. Kodiak Mapping Inc. Historical and Contemporary Imagery to Assess Ecosystem Change on the Arctic Coastal Plain of Northern Alaska By Ken D. FlyThru operate fixed wing and multi-rotor platforms to obtain aerial imagery and video footage, which can be . and Global Archive - Downloadable Imagery. USGS Imagery Only is a tile cache base map of orthoimagery in The National Map. The National Map download client allows free downloads of public domain, 1-meter resolution orthoimagery in JPEG 2000 (jp2) format for the conterminous United States. We currently house more than 70,000 rolls of film (10 million plus images). Get beautiful and descriptive aerial photos of properties, construction projects, energy, and events anywhere in Alaska. Over 6. Aerial Imagery Wrangell, Alaska, USA 0. Custom-printed topographic (topo) maps, aerial photos, and satellite images for the United States and Canada. and the world. Click the map on the LEFT to see the latest 24 hour imagery of the Western Hemisphere, zoom in on different locations and capture and download images using the camera icon. Rare Clear View of Alaska. Bruce Richmond and Ann Gibbs flew hundreds of kilometers along Alaska's Arctic Ocean coast in August 2006, collecting reconnaissance aerial imagery of the North Slope coastline and barrier islands. With resolutions (pixel size) less than 1 meter, the satellite imagery can capture detail such as trees, chimneys, or … penguins. In this map gallery, you will find links to the DEC's public interactive web maps. eTerra, LLC compressed, color balanced and reprojected all images into Alaska Albers Coordinate System, Meters, NAD 27. This habitat mapping and classification system, paired with a huge database of aerial photos, enables responders to plan an oil spill response or resource managers to identify vulnerable habitat. Wainwright (near Fairbanks), AICC serves as the focal point for initial attack resource coordination, logistics support, and predictive services for all state and federal Datasets The Alaska Geospatial Data Clearinghouse (AGDC) is being decommissioned as newer, more robust and comprehensive data portals are now available such as Data. Cities, rivers, lakes, mountains and other features shown in this image include: The Alaska ShoreZone program goal is to collect aerial imagery and habitat map all of Alaska's coastline and to make the imagery and the data both "physically and intellectually" accessible to everyone. The following service endpoints provide access to the best imagery available over Alaska, which is a combination of aerial and satellite imagery. Aerial Photography and Imagery, Ortho-Corrected dataset current as of unknown. Source Data: NOAA shoreline manuscripts (T-sheets) and aerial imagery NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey (NGS) provides the framework for all positioning activities in the Nation. JUNEAU. The foundational elements of latitude, longitude, elevation, shoreline information impact a wide range of important activities. Most of the new Alaska imagery data will not be available in this service due to license restrictions. The NPS Alaska regional compliance team frequently uses aerial photography and satellite imagery to convey resource conditions and locations to the public in National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents. In the Alaska North Slope, congestion is a condition brought on by the cold weather, but to millions of cars on the roads of Greater Los Angeles, congestion is a part of the everyday commute. Elias is the 2nd highest mountain in the US. NASA's Visible Earth catalog of NASA images and animations of our home planet Index Info (35) This is an index we use to locate AHAP photography. Scientists use aerial photographs and LIDAR imagery to identify different habitats along the shore and in shallow water. Best data layer (bdl) compilation of publically available orthoimagery for the state of Alaska. NOAA Satellite Maps - Latest 24 Hrs. Each map is focused on a program area or major incident. Rest assured that as soon as such imagery becomes available we will bring you MegaSceneryEarth Alaska. Combining the latest advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with innovative uses of imaging equipment and software, we can provide a wide range of mapping & aerial services with survey grade precision and reliability. Overview. 2013. 7065 59. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. Starts after. The GIS applications accessed through this web page provide a visual display of data for your convenience. Alaska's tidal shoreline measures over 46,600 miles (75,000 km), longer than the shorelines of all the lower 48 states combined. The Alaska Satellite Facility, which specializes in synthetic aperture radar, is one of 12 theme-based NASA Earth-science data centers in the nation known as Distributed Active Archive Centers. Welcome to the Alaska google satellite map! This place is situated in Morgan County, Indiana, United States, its geographical coordinates are 39° 28' 13" North, 86° 38' 29" West and its original name (with diacritics) is Alaska. Aviation Weather Center Homepage provides comprehensive user-friendly aviation weather Text products and graphics. GOES West Imagery - 30 Minutes . Orthoimagery data typically are high resolution aerial images that combine the visual attributes of an aerial photograph with the spatial accuracy and reliability of a planimetric map. High Resolution Aerial Photography for Anchorage, AK 2002 in GeoTiff format (For professional GIS use only). Several years ago, Google engineers figured out a way to stitch together satellite imagery to remove clouds, giving Google Earth and Google Maps users a better and more comprehensive view of the The aerial IfSAR data coverage of Alaska has expanded greatly during 2010, and we're looking forward to the resulting elevation products. Falcon Imagery Gallery of Aerial Drone Cinematography and Photography for Lakes Region of New Hampshire, as well as Alaska. Color-infrared, natural color, and panchromatic products. Note: GeoNorth and the DNR are currently gathering the all the imagery currently available through the GINA BDL web service. Alaska Drones. Browse maps and satellite images from across Alaska: aerial views of famous buildings, homes, historic landmarks, structures, and much more! Aerial Imagery Wrangell, Alaska, USA 0. To solve this challenge, onX created our own proprietary aerial imagery—onX Aerial—to provide the most updated imagery possible. Based in Houston, Texas and serving the entire United States, Aerial Viewpoint offers current and historical aerial photos. The imagery and data take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies to provide baseline geospatial data for education Explore the world’s largest civilian collection of images of the Earth’s surface. ” For me, it means a lifelong love affair with mountains and dramatic terrain, a pilot’s license and a little yellow Cessna 120 Geology. RGB Quadcopter aerial imagery has many advantages, but it has one drawback — if the drone is positioned high enough, the resulting images tend to flatten the terrain and make a forbiddingly steep route seem less vertical. Elias National Park and Preserve. These data are part of the Gulf Watch Alaska (GWA) long term monitoring program, nearshore monitoring component. IKONOS is a high-resolution satellite operated by GeoEye. Title: Spatially referenced oblique aerial imagery of the Port Heiden shoreline, August 2013 Abstract: In August 2013, a helicopter-based crew photographed approximately 52 miles (84 km) of shoreline near Port Heiden, Alaska, from 7 miles (11 km) northeast of Reindeer Creek, known locally as North Creek, to 10 miles (16 km) southwest of Strogonof Point. Chris Larsen of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, snapped a series of photos in late May 2018 during research flights to monitor Alaska’s mountain glaciers. Alaska: Hawaii: Java/Flash Loop Notes: GOES - usually 12-15 images with static overlays A collection of brand new aerial photos shot over the Chugach Mountains in magical winter light. The National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) acquires aerial imagery during the agricultural growing seasons in the continental U. Southeast Alaska Drones (SEAKdrones), FAA licensed, business drone services in Juneau, Ketchikan & Sitka for aerial imagery. Imagery products are true color (prefix C) and infrared (prefix R) images. Search. Alaska Wildland Fire Information (akfireinfo. We are proud to be a SBA certified woman owned small business. The following output formats are supported for the GetMap operation: The National Digital Orthoimagery Program (NDOP) is an activity of the U. Aerial imagery available to the SMM revealed the presence of a multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) (type unknown) near Buhaivka (37km south-west of Luhansk) and a probable piece of towed artillery near Shymshynivka (27km south-west of Luhansk). The OSL’s calibration efforts led to major improvements in the systematic collection of aerial imagery of the conterminous United States and was integral to the success of programs such as the National High Altitude Photography (NHAP) Program, National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP), and National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP). Virgin Islands are also included. Make your mapping data visible to the world Have you ever wondered how your organization could add your mapping data, such as aerial imagery or places of interest, to Google Maps and Google Earth? FlyThru. This feature is not available right now. Mountain ranges seem to go on forever and rivers bend and wind through a complex topography. Public mirror of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough's 2011 LiDAR & Imagery Project. The source date of the acquired county imagery can be viewed at the state level zoom. 581-134. The environmental considerations important to successful benthic mapping were incorporated into the mission planning. The mission of the Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF) is to make remote-sensing data accessible. On most days, relentless rivers of clouds wash over Alaska, obscuring most of the state's 6,640 miles (10,690 kilometers) of coastline and 586,000 square miles To do this, aerial and satellite imagery time series were collected from various sources. Geographic Information Systems. Meanwhile, DEMs from other sources have also become available. This orthomosaic was generated by ASF for the EPSCoR Alaska Adapting to Changing Environments (ACE) project's South Central Test Case using the 1950's USGS aerial imagery collection. 3 km resolution The Aerial Photography Single Frame Records collection is a large and diverse group of imagery acquired by Federal organizations from 1937 to the present. George Regional. Orthogonal imagery provides a true top-down view and is rectified to align to a map grid. Find nearby businesses, restaurants and hotels. Imagery available about 25 minutes later. Click here to see Alaska photography! SMM: On 4 September aerial imagery revealed the presence of 22 tanks (type unknown) and a surface-to-air missile system (type undetermined) near Buhaivka, nine tanks (type unknown) near Shymshynivka, 41 tanks (type unknown) near Kruhlyk (31km south-west of Luhansk) and 45 tanks (type unknown) near Manuilivka (65km east of Donetsk). Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Shot over three months with the world's most experienced high-definition aerial production team and an acclaimed wildlife photographer, the stunning imagery is enhanced with evocative words and an Droners. ASF downlinks, processes, archives, and distributes remote-sensing data to scientific users around the world. Deadhorse Airport, North Slope, Alaska. Earth from Space. Take a detailed look at places from above, with aerial imagery in Bing Maps Himawari 8 Images are provided by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). Our photo collection dates back to 1928, and it includes over a million frames of aerial imagery that covers 300 million acres of the United States, including Alaska. UAS orthoimagery can add tremendous value for project scoping, planning, and execution, as well as ongoing site monitoring, especially at small remote sites for which very poor historical aerial and satellite imagery currently exists, if at all. Air America Flight Center has a dedicated fleet of aircraft to provide aerial imaging and photogrammetric services. Alaska Fire Management Zones (606 KB) Thu, May 24, 2018 15:56 AKDT Alaska Fire History (1027 KB) Thu, May 24, 2018 11:00 AKDT Metadata For Map products And Data Downloads The Map and Government Information Library maintains a large collection of aerial photography of the State of Georgia, consisting of over 240,000 photographs from the late 1930s through the early 1990s. Alaska Statewide Orthoimagery from SPOT 5, 6 & 7 satellites, collected for the Alaska Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative 2009-2016. Processing, mosaicing and services for this version of the AHAP data done the University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska Satellite Facility and the Geographic Information Network of Alaska. Apollo Mapping believes in one simple but important guiding principle – the customer comes first. In total, 1. Pearce, Dennis Walworth, Brandt W. Walker, unmanned aircraft program manager at UAF's Stock photos of Mt. Earthquake Photo Collections Photographs from specific earthquakes in California, Alaska, Washington, and Turkey. alaska aerial imagery